Keep Your Operations Safe and Smooth

Portable Air Quality Management Equipment To Move Things Safely Forward

For many years, we’ve been demonstrating our expertise in designing and manufacturing the most effective, most versatile aircraft fuel tank and HAZMAT environment ventilation systems and respiratory protection equipment. Our products come in all shapes, sizes, and configurations. So, whether you're responsible for commercial or military aircraft, or other maintenance related environments where HAZMAT fumes or particles are present, there's nothing we can't handle to keep your operations moving forward safely and protecting those who work in these difficult environments.

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Ventilation Systems

Our fuel tank ventilation systems allow air to move into and out of a fuel tank to equalize the pressure, eliminate harmful fumes, and reduce the chance of dangerous exposure, damage, spills, and sprays. These deployable systems can be used in a variety of hazardous environments normally associated with maintenance activities on aircraft and vehicles of all types.

Respiratory Equipment

Our respiratory equipment helps supply continuous positive air exchange to support individual members of your team as they safely conduct maintenance and repair activities on fuel tanks or other components and systems where hazardous fumes and particles are present.

"For more than 30 years, Rhine Air has provided the most diverse and reliable fuel tank ventilation systems and respiratory protection systems on the market. Our equipment works on a broad range of aircraft and vehicles and is designed to be deployable, and to store and transport with minimal effort."

Thomas D. Weidley, Chief Executive Officer

Thomas D. Weidley,
Chief Executive Officer

Protect Your People and Your Productivity

Don’t Compromise Your Operations

Organizations around the world have looked to us for a broad range of portable ventilation systems and respiratory protection equipment for fuel tank inspection and maintenance operations, as well as other maintenance activities involving dangerous breathing environments. When maintenance facilities are free of harmful fumes, your team can really take off.

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Create a safe and healthy environment

Nothing is more important than keeping your people safe. Our products reduce exposure to harmful fuel vapor by safely routing it away from the aircraft and out of the maintenance area or hangar. Similarly, harmful fumes from other types of maintenance activities (such as composite materials work) can be mitigated with the same devices. By supplying your team with continuous air exchange, you can reduce the impact of fumes and particles, and keep them up and running, safely.

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Reduce turn times and increase efficiency

Our products are simple to understand, set-up, and use — making it easier for your teams to do their jobs. Our deployable equipment is portable and designed to store and transport with as little effort as possible to reduce strain, minimize downtime and keep your aircraft from being grounded or vehicles from being deadlined.

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Get just what you need when you need it most

With the largest assortment of products available, we offer one of the most versatile product lines capable of adapting to any kind of aircraft or vehicle system. And all our units come in one of two formats: compressed air or electric.

Part of the Capewell Family of Brands

Founded in 1881, Capewell has been designing, engineering, and manufacturing the most innovative, custom-engineered aviation combat equipment and aerial delivery solutions the world has to offer. With a history of innovation that spans well over a century, our products, and services have made us the go-to global expert in aerial delivery, survivability, and ground support solutions that must perform flawlessly in critical and demanding environments to keep people safe.